The Kettleblast Training System is unique and was designed to help you get fit, stay strong and become more flexible.

"I don't have much time!"

Then this is certainly the course for you! Each workout routine is under 15mins and you get a full body workout whatever body part you pick as they incorporate cardio and ab workouts within each module.

"Do I have to join a gym?"

Most students of the course aren't a member of a gym and do it from the comfort of their home. 

"Will I need lots of equipment?"

The great thing about this course is you only need a kettlebell! No need to worry about changing weights or your fitness equipment taking up lots of storage space plus as they are so portable you can exercise in the garden or wherever you feel like!

A Workout With Variety

With the KettleBlast course you will be getting an incredible workout using music, dance, burpees, squat jumps, squat thrusts, lunge jumps and more. You will do this using high repetitions and high intensity and it can be done at any age! 

The History Behind KettleBlast

Kettleblast is named after the research on Russian-USA kettlebell training, and combined with Cuban Cardio system discovered just how effective this particular form of High Intensity Interval Training and intermittent training developes the synergistic kinectic chain for a whole body. Learn more once you join up for the course.

Benefits Of Kettleblast Training

  • Great, dynamic core strength workout programme, it uses moves that require a great deal of control of the midsection of the body. Core-abs-back, this has the potential to translate into a tighter, deep defined torso, stronger arms, legs, abs and back.
  • High caloric expenditure progamme, follows aerobic and interval training methods to incorporate high level intensity of physical activity which translates to high fat loss.
  • Easy to follow, non intimidating learning enviroment. New moves and steps are presented in an easy to follow, fun-party like exercise class format.
  • Weight loss, as with any exrecise programme, consistency and dedication combined with a sensible well balanced nutrition programme, weight management will increase and will result in a quick and effective fat loss.
  • positive self image nurtures a high level of feeling good factors.
  • Sculpt, tone, build, define, shape! It builds up a great sweat and burns over 1000 calories. Most people say they are having a blast and don't even realise they are exercising.
  • Lower risk of coronary heart disease
  • Lower risk of stroke
  • Lower risk of high blood pressure
  • Lower risk of adverse blood lipid profile
  • Lower risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Lower risk of metabolic syndrome
  • Lower risk of cancer
  • Prevention of weight gain
  • Improved cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness
  • Prevention of falls
  • Reduced depression
  • Better cognitive function (for older adults)

I can't wait to welcome you on to the course and see you become the best version of yourself!

- Lazaro


Any exercises, programmes or workouts in this training programme should be used as part of a full and balanced exercise and fitness programme. Consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise programme. Do not attempt any of the exercises while under the in influence of alcohol or drugs. Discontinue any exercises that cause you pain or severe discomfort, and consult a medical expert. So far as the author / course creator is aware, the information given is correct and up to date as at the time of making this course. No guarantee is made that the content will always be accurate as new research and updated theories will challenge and question existing ideas and principles. The author and publisher disclaim, as far as the law allows, any responsibility and liability arising directly or indirectly from the use, or misuse, of the information contained in this course and the material given. 

Meet Your Instructor

Course Creator and Founder of Cuban Cardio

Lazaro Almenares

Lazaro the Cuban Cardio has devoted over 35 years to his career and passion which is helping others improve their health and fitness. He is incredible at motivating his clients and making sure they become the healthiest and fittest they have ever been. During the KettleBlast course with Lazaro, you will laugh, dance and workout hard that is why his nickname is “The Crazy Cuban”. You won’t believe how much fun you can have whilst exercising!As a professional fitness expert and master trainer, the Crazy Cuban loves to share his experience and knowledge with others. Lazaro provides full training for modelling, bikini, beach body and natural body building competitions. He still regularly competes and wins trophies and present at World Tour, Grand Prix events in fitness, sports specifics, natural bodybuilding, modelling and fitness physique. The Crazy Cuban is a regular fitness presenter on the Sky Active Channel, co-founder of the Kettleblast Training System as well as an author of feature articles in health and fitness magazines including LA muscle, Flex, Muscle Development, Muscle & Fitness, Slim Fit, Beef Bodybuilding and several others.

KettleBlast Curriculum

Get fit with Latin spirit and join the KettleBlast course today!